Come When You Call – S32:E2 – Arteya


Arteya feels lonely, so she picks up the phone and calls John Price.

He chats with her for a few minutes and then agrees to come over. When he arrives, Arteya feels good and horny and John is already hard as he knows his girlfriend is a safe bet.

John works with the precision of many pleasant hours in bed and pulls Arteya from her clothes. Her firm breasts are a perfect handful as he explores her with his big hands. He then maps Arteya’s slender body with his lips as he helps her out of her underwear.

As soon as she’s naked, Arteya slips to her knees and pulls John’s cock out of his jeans. She is rewarded with the musky pleasure of a nice Hardon, into which she leans to suck while working with lots of tongue action. John does not want Arteya having all the fun, so after a while he pushes her onto the couch where he plants himself between her thighs to enjoy her bare cunt.

Arteya gets up with a sensual smile and arranges on the couch on her hands and knees. The position is an invitation John will not refuse, so he sits down behind her and slips inside. Arteya is very gently delighted and moans over her pleasure as she plunges backwards into each of John’s doggy-style moves.

John next takes his place on the couch so that Arteya can climb onto his lap and position himself to slide down on his erection. He fits perfectly to her vagina as she rides him in cowgirl. Then Arteya turns to the cowgirl and John takes the opportunity to slip his hands under her ass and help her set the pace.

Arteya hops from John’s cock and takes a short break to fill her mouth again with his stiff part. Then she leans back and lets him do the work when he enters her again. While still pounding with orgasm, she slams her hands and knees for another hot second while John still beats her from behind. Then Arteya falls to his knees and continues sucking until John can not hold back his climax. He pulls out of Arteya’s hot little mouth, aims at her small breasts and covers them with a spurt of sizzling sperm.

Date: June 9, 2019
Actors: Arteya

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