Fathers Day Seduction – S10:E1 – Brattysis Chloe Cherry, Sophia Lux


Chloe Cherry and Sophia Lux have teamed up to seduce their stepfather Charles Dera on Father’s Day.

Chloe starts the party with a loud masturbating in her room, with a thick dildo pushing the eggs deep into her hairy pussy. When Charles finally leaves to see what the excitement is, he chastises Chloe for being immodest. Chloe has her father right where she wants him, so she pulls out a Father’s Day card to make up Charles and then hugs him as if feeling that his cock is nice and hard. Charles does not like it when Chloe attacks him, so he bows her and hits her.

The turmoil attracts Sophia’s attention. She is jealous of Chloe and does not want to be excluded from the fun. Therefore, she masturbates loudly in the telephone sex in the living room to tempt her father to beat them too. Charles delivers Sophia’s eager spanking and then founds his stepdaughter. She and Chloe team up at this point to make a plan that will get the D for both. They wait until Charles takes a nap on the couch and then lift the blanket under which he sleeps so they can start sucking and caressing Charles’s cock. When Charles wakes up, he tells the girls he’ll treat them the way they want to behave like nasty little sluts!

Once instructed to undress, Chloe and Sophia obey their father and stand side by side on the couch so he can fuck them both in doggy style. Then they turn around so Charles can beat Sophia while Chloe masturbates next to her sister. The girls took turns riding with their dad, first in the cowgirl and then in the reverse cowgirl. Then they finish Charles with a double blowjob, which makes them both happy to lick the results of a BJ fountain, which was sucked from their faces.

Date: June 8, 2019

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