Give In To Me – S31:E30 – Rosalyn Sphinx Nubilefilms


Rosalyn Sphinx has been working for Jake Adams as his assistant for some time,

keeping a firm eye on him as a sexual conquest. It turns out she cut her work for her. She brings Jake a lease to sign him while doing poses to grab his attention, but all to no avail. When she needs him to make a last signature, Rosalyn leans forward so he can see her breasts on the front of her shirt. Nothing. As a last-ditch effort, she drops her pen on the way to the door so she can show off her short shorts and tight ass. That at least gets his attention.

Before Jake can stay too long with his hot assistant, he receives a call that breaks the spell. Rosalyn does not want to give in, sneaks back into Jake’s office, and crawls under the bar where he works. That brings her to the perfect height to open Jake’s pants and put his Hardon in her mouth. He does not have it at first, but Rosalyn is very, very good at blowjobs, and she makes sure she makes every effort.

Shortly afterwards, Jake gives in and lets his assistant do the worst. She works on it thoroughly, from sucking his balls to Kehlenfick. As Rosalyn gets to her feet, Jake pulls her in for a kiss before continuing down to worship her small tits and then explore the smooth light skin of her perfect ass. When Jake releases Rosalyn from her thong, he gets up and positions his erection so he can slide into her slippery cunt.

Fucking Jake’s hard cock is everything Rosalyn dreamed of, and she just can not get enough now that she has what she wanted! She sits down on Jake’s office chair and spreads her thighs pretty wide, so he can pop her greedy cunt from a new angle. Then Jake sits down so Rosalyn can climb onto his lap and give him a lusty Stiffie ride.

As Jake climbs onto the counter so that Rosalyn can continue to ride on his cock, Rosalyn knows that her boss has completely surrendered. He plays stud as Rosalyn sets off. Then he gets up so Rosalyn can caress and vacuum her hands and mouth until he satisfies her with a cum shower covering her breasts and leaving her free to play with the evidence of her conquest.

Date: June 3, 2019
Actors: Rosalyn Sphinx

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