In Deep – S32:E3 – Nubilefilms Olivia Sin


Olivia Sin just wakes up for the day Raul Costa accompanies her in bed

, giving her a damn good reason to postpone getting up. She is disheveled and sexy in bra and thong, but Raul quickly frees her tits with his searching hands so he can worship her with his mouth. He moves deeper, teases and flirts with Olivia between kissing and licking, until he has settled in for a full feast of pussies.

Olivia is already excited about her morning pleasure and makes Raul sloppy with her cunt. Then she helps him to get rid of her remaining clothes. Then she pulls down his sweat, so she comes to his hard cock. She stroked the root with one hand and leaned forward to suck the head and as much of his shaft as possible into the throat. Then Olivia puts Raul down so she can climb onto him for an intimate stiffness ride.

Finally, Olivia turns for a reverse cowgirl action. She controls the flow of her coupling until she puts her feet on Raul’s thigh and lets him begin to set the pace with his big hands, which lead her ass up and down. Even after Olivia has sucked on Raul’s cock for another round, she can not get enough of riding his Fickstock with big jumps of her tight booty.

Finally, Raul again takes the lead by forcing Olivia to her knees so she pats her pussy like a dog. He anchors his hands in Olivia’s hips and holds them as he drives into town and drives deep into her silky slot. Then he turns her on her back so he can watch the look in her eyes as his fuck stick brings her to climax.

Olivia is full and urges Raul to stand on the bed so she can kneel in front of him. She strokes his erection awesome and milks him slowly but surely to an own orgasm. When he finally shows up, Olivia makes sure his cum covers her face in a warm, wet testament of his love.

Date: June 14, 2019
Actors: Olivia Sin

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