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Lela Star


Lela Star gets friends to fuck her at their thanksgiving party!

You ever listen the expression, a star is born? That’s not what it’s truly gathered to be. The genuine line could, be a star is Porn, which afterward got to be Pornstar. Talking of stars, Lela Star has been keeping the skies shinning and the tissue paper industry booming with loads of hot activity for a few time presently. Another hot Mamacita from Florida, she’s got those hot Caribbean and red hot Latina roots much obliged to her Cuban foundation. Possibly in case she’d been dancing at the Copacabana in Havana within the ‘50s, no one would have bothered with the transformation, but sufficient around history. These days, Lela Star is working harder than ever, and slamming harder as well. She adores her work and it appears with all the happy selfies she takes on set some time recently and after a shoot. Once you look at those pictures, there’s one thing that actually swells out at you: lips! Lela Star includes a picture of herself within the word reference beneath the word “luscious.” That goes for her tits and ass as well, both pimped up to flawlessness. Hell, on the off chance that her picture we

Date: April 12, 2019
Actors: Lela Star

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