Lovers And Friends – S32:E1 Nubilefilms Darcia Lee, Nesty, Renato


Renato and Darcia Lee are friends and lovers.

They start with a passionate embrace, funny and flirtatious, but Darcia is only interested in one thing. Darcia leads Renato to bed with her dress showing her bra and miniskirt. Once seated, she climbs into his lap and rubs her jerk on his hard skin through all her clothes.

After distracting Renato by removing her dress, Darcia pulls out a blindfold under the pillow. When she’s sure Renato can not see anything, she waves her friend Nesty over where she was hiding all the time. The girls try to keep their happiness to themselves, while Nesty secretly occupies Darcia’s place by pulling Renato’s stick out of his pants to suck. Watching her friend give her boyfriend a BJ is the perfect tableau for Darcia to grab her underwear and start masturbating.

When Darcia Renato finally freed from his blindfold, he can not hide his surprise. That’s not to say he does not care. Now that the performance is over, the girls can work together to continue caressing Renato while keeping her mouth shut. The double-BJ does not end until Renato lays Darcia on his back so he can hold his own by leaning against her bare pussy. Nesty is cool with it, as it gives her the opportunity to lean in and squeeze her boobs at Darcia’s mouth to suck on a pleasurable tit fuck.

As Renato Nesty pushes on his hands and knees, so he can taste her pussy juices, the girls rearrange accordingly. Darcia takes the opportunity to lie down in front of Nesty with her thighs parted. This is the perfect position for Nesty to lean forward and catch her girlfriend’s slippery cunt. Even though Renato starts to fuck her doggy-style, Nesty does the slow and steady work with her magic tongue.

Renato takes Darcia to the place Nesty has just left and wastes no time to fill his girlfriend with the D. Nesty leans to rub Darcia’s clit. Then she moves up on the bed to weigh Darcia’s head while the brunette falls apart in her arms.

Renato moves quickly so he spoons with Nesty as Darcia recovers from its peak. Nesty holds up a thigh and welcomes Renato inside again. Darcia immediately gets to work, sucking on Renato’s balls and seducing Nesty’s fuck hole. Every time Renato’s tail pops out, Darcia is there to lick it clean before bumping back into Nesty.

The girls each had a climax, but they are still not quite finished with their common stud. As Renato lies down on the bed, Darcia climbs aboard his Fickstocks while Nesty plants her pussy on his mouth. They ride him together and exchange kisses over his lying body. Then Darcia gets off so Nesty can enjoy a reverse cowgirl ride to her last orgasm. Renato follows Nesty along the path of pleasure and fucks her to the end, while he stuffs her a big creampie in the muzzle.

Date: June 5, 2019
Actors: Darcia Lee / Nesty

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