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Charge moved his center to her areolas. Connie’s areolas are one of her best highlights. They are continuously prominent and firm. I reviewed recently evening when a man of his word chosen to put them to a test by snaring his key ring on one of her areolas to degree its capacity to bolster the weight of his keys. The areola did so with ease, gaining the commend of the adjacent swarm. With no have to be tongue her areolas to form them erect, Charge clamped on with his mouth and eagerly sucked each. After a time, Connie put her hands on his shoulders and tenderly pushed him advance down her body, signally a want for more seriously delight somewhere else. Clearing out a path of modest damp kisses along the length of her middle, he come to his goal. Delicately, he opened her legs and buried his head between them. “God,” I said to myself. “Those legs are dazzling!”

Date: January 16, 2019

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