Pure Passion – S31:E29 – Nubilefilms Eva Elfie


A warm shower makes Eva Elfie wet and gives her the opportunity to stroke both the spray and her talented hands over her lithe body.

Her breasts are large on her small body and wiggle delightfully as she rubs her hands down. Eva pulls the tube for the syringe between her legs and teases her bald pussy while she’s done with the cumshot.

When Eva is done in the shower, Adam Ocelot went to the bathroom with her. He wears only a towel, which he likes to drop, as his horny girlfriend makes it clear that the shower jet is not as satisfying as his cock. Adam pulls Eva in for a kiss, letting his hands brush over her slender figure as he presses his hard cock against her yielding belly.

Eve lets Adam explore her to her heart’s content, but at some point she begins to take care of his apparent need. She falls to her knees and pulls Adam’s penis against her so that she can lay her hot little lips around her head. As she dives into a BJ, Eva has her hand creep up to continue playing with her breasts while she runs her own engine hot and hard.

Adam takes the time to make a nest out of her towels on the bathroom floor before laying out Eva like his personal buffet. Although her tits are tempting, his real target is the sweet spot between her thighs. Eve strives to lift one leg up and let Adam walk his evil path with her as he indulges in a pussy feast that prepares both of them.

The couple moves into another room and makes it to a chair before Adam takes a seat and Eva allows another oral session on his Fickstock. Eva’s hot mouth is perfect as Adam puts his hand on the back of her head to encourage her to a deep throat. Then he urges her to get up so she can slide down on his erection and do a stiff ride with her tits bouncing fast and hard.

Eva takes Adam’s seat in the chair and leans back until he sits down between her legs. He holds one of Eve’s legs so she stays in position and slides back into her dripping warmth. Then he gives her the long, sure pats she craves while bringing her into a deeply satisfying relationship.

On her knees, as she leans over the chair, Eva watches over her shoulder as Adam enters her again. This time around, her doggy style attitude lets his pats touch every deep point in her that makes her moan. Eve can not hold back her pure passion as she weighs each one of Adam’s bumps. It does not take long for her to be bone-less with her complete orgasmic bliss.

As soon as he is sure that he has satisfied Eve, Adam sits down on the floor and pulls his girlfriend to him. Eva knows exactly what to do. She opens her mouth to resume her BJ while Adam lets his hands explore every inch of her soft curves. When Adam reaches the limit of his stamina, Eva pulls back and aims at Adam’s Fickstock so that he covers her jars in a shower of hot love.

Date: June 1, 2019
Actors: Eva Elfie

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