Shower Radi-ho Katana Kombat Brazzers


Katana Kombat, who fed on her unpleasant husband, lit Oliver Flynn,

his best companion, who, as it turned out, went to watch the battle. Katana takes the opportunity to disturb Oliver as she serves snacks and drinks, casually “spilling” him on herself. Katana leads Oliver to the restroom, where she spies on him when he changes clothes, masturbating from the beautiful exterior of the toilet. When Oliver starts to take a shower, he falls to the floor to take note of the shower station, which Katana presented, until she begins to give him a dazzling enlightenment, very much bound to the connected walkie-talkie. Stunned, Oliver finally decides that, in his opinion, it can be personal masturbation in the shower. But when the radio instructs him to open the window decoration, the dream and reality unite in the form of a naked katana.

Date: April 12, 2019
Actors: Katana Kombat

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