Step Sisters Secret Crush – S10:E2 – Brattysis Sydney Cole


Tony gets up early and prepares to take a shower when his step-sister Sydney Cole enters the bathroom.

Sydney likes the look of Tony’s morning wood, but Tony refuses to let her see it. He succeeds in driving her away, but Sydney is ready to keep trying. She brings Tony to the living room later in the day and climbs on his lap, but Tony still will not have it. Finally, Sydney puts on sheer lingerie and goes to Tony’s room to ask for his opinion. She takes a picture of herself in Tony’s bed and tells him that she will send it to his girlfriend unless he satisfies her.

Tony resists, but Sydney vows that she’ll leave when Tony touches her big ass. Tony tries to knock on the cheek, but Sydney wants more. She unbuttoned her teddy and shows her runway pussy, then she lashes out her breasts with her huge areolas. Then she pulls out his hard cock and finally gets the chance to suck! The throat of her stepbrother is just the beginning of what Sydney wants to do. She swings her leg over his waist and gets on board to do a Cowgirl Stiffie race.

Sydney turns for a cowgirl and makes her big ass wobble with every blow. She lies on her back as Tony indulges in all the fantasies he secretly cherishes about his hot step-rocker. Then Sydney goes down on her knees so Tony continues to grope her butt while giving him her doggy style. When she is finally satisfied, Sydney hops from Tony’s cock and sucks him until he gives her a sip of salt water.

Date: June 20, 2019
Actors: Sydney Cole

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