Studying Hard – S9:E12 Alina Lopez Brattysis


Alina Lopez has a hard time with the school

, but that’s fine, because this hot girl has a plan to get on a simple road. She sits on the couch and writes a text message with her friends when her mother, Kit Mercer, and her stepbrother, Rion King, come home. Kit tries to find out why Alina is not learning. If her stepdaughter is a big bitch, Kit suggests Rion helps Alina. This fits perfectly with Alina’s plan.

As soon as Kit leaves, Alina makes a move on Rion. He tries to break away, but his stepsister is hot and he is inevitably turned on. As soon as Alina realizes it, she goes over the game with her own cunt and her tits to pull out his Fickstock and suck him off. Rion can not believe that his sexy step-tail is really ready to take on him, and when Alina turns around and wags her ass to hammer a doggystyle pussy, he quickly picks it up.

They continue to Alina, who rides Riff Stiffie while he touches her ass with his big hands. She leans over so he can play with her tits and then falls on her back so he can really dominate her tight little body. As Rion squirts on Alina’s boobs, he tries to suggest that they should learn again. Alina lets him know that he’s doing her homework so she does not tell her mother he’s coming to her.

Date: June 1, 2019
Actors: Alina Lopez

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