The Go-Go Heist Ho – Barbie Sins


Barbie Sins is the finest go-go artist in a rundown club.

She’s encouraged up with her boss’s tricks and has chosen to set up a sting operation to freed his secure of all his resources. She has utilized the assistance of Pro B & E man Danny D, who arrived some time recently opening hours as auditor for spirits sheets. Barbie sneaks into the back room office and finds her boss’s weapon. She sits casually with her feet up and her weapon cocked at his work area. As Danny is driven into the office within the back room, they capture Barbie’s boss promptly at gunpoint and after that tie him to a chair so that Barbie can address him whereas Danny is splitting the code of the secure. After Barbie and Danny hurl their boss out of the office, they can truly celebrate their score.

Date: June 20, 2019
Actors: Barbie Sins

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