The Intern – S31:E28 Freya Dee Nubilefilms


The Intern Freya Dee may think that she is alone at work, when she puts her hand under her dress and starts to masturbate,

but this intern will have a big surprise when her boss steps in on her. Ricky Rascal gets Freya in the most stressful position. She pulled up the miniskirt, pulled the panties aside and put her hands over the whole muff. He asks her to come upstairs, but while Freya thinks she’s in trouble, the reality is that Ricky is enchanted and wants to see more.

Freya is always happy to sign up to the boss and sets to masturbate her meaty cunt on the couch while Ricky watches. She watches him with her damn eyes, which practically ask him to join her. As Ricky gives up the chemistry between himself and his hot intern, his fingers are neither slow nor gentle, providing a quick and furious pussy fingering. Once he has started with his hands, Ricky can not stop until he had a taste of this cream filled fuck hole.

Freya really wants to invite the boss, so she lies down on the couch and has Ricky with her. As Ricky pulls his cock out of his jeans and rubs her up and down on her cunt, Freya throws her head back in delight. She slides a hand between her thighs to lead him into her wet fuck hole. As Ricky rolls her over, Freya can not suppress her sigh of pure bliss.

The couple take a short break and Freya fills her mouth with the musky pleasure of Ricky’s cock. He’s as hard as stone as she sucks him in and out, letting her get wet and ready for the second round. Ricky sits down on the couch and uses his big hands to guide Freya as she climbs into his lap and leaps to his stiffness to ride him at a pace that leaves her breathless.

Freya gets to her feet and leans forward to greet Ricky back in the house as he stands behind her. The position makes Ricky really stack that soft pussy as he gives it to his intern hard and deep. In return, Freya resumes her blowjob until Ricky has been licked clean by her juices and exploded with a big cumshot in her mouth, showing that he is very pleased with the new take on his company.

Date: May 27, 2019
Actors: Freya Dee

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